Write a Blog Post

Last month or so, I finally decided to write a blog post. It’s been a while since I wrote one. Basically I stopped writing something after I joined Heroku.

I’ve learned many things last 5 years (well that’s the last time I wrote a blog post, seems like), and I’ve also experienced many things. Thanks to the technology and community, seems like blogging systems improved a lot. Looking at the deploy log, I’ve moved my blog from WordPress to Middleman in 2014. I was looking at a git repo and I could see so many outdated gems over there. I tried to upgrade it but it was extremely difficult and I also completely forgot how Middleman works. Well maybe it was difficult because I forgot how Middleman works. Anyways, I decided to throw it away and look for the alternative.

I just started using Hugo like a few hours ago and now all articles are completely transported and it is working great. THIS IS GREAT. Well, mostly Middleman migration did a good job and I had all my past posts in markdown so it was mostly copy & paste and theme tweak, but just how easy I was able to set up exactly what I want was a really amazing experience. And it’s super fast.

Now I guess it’s time to write something! Hope to post here soon.

Ah, I also decided to write a blog in English. I may still write something that is valuable to Japanese folks in Japanese, or happy to try translating if there is any request.